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    Elegant panel glides in Forster

    Panel glides are perfect for a large window, sliding and bi-fold doors, or as a room divider, adding a stylish alternative to vertical blinds. What makes panel glides unique is the wide panels and ease of operation.
    When open, the panels stack neatly behind one another allowing maximum light into the room. Sliding the panels into the closed position creates a complete fabric screen providing light control and increased privacy.

    To maintain a uniform appearance throughout your home or office, you can have your panel glides made in all of the same fabrics as your roller blinds. Select from our huge range of quality block-out, translucent light filtering, and sunscreen fabrics giving you better light control and enhancing your room's ambience.

    Features and benefits

    • Panels glides are effortlessly operated along a track system
    • Track system is unobtrusive and uncomplicated
    • Sanitised fabrics are available for increased stain resistance and durability
    • Range of stacking options from left, right or centre for movement and flexibility
    • Cord-free operation for child safety
    • Good light coverage
    • Complements roller blinds, Romans, and vertical drapes
    • Optional pelmet available
    • You can choose what size and how many panels you wish to have on a track,
    • Locally made

    There are three main material types used in making the panel glides

    A practical option for large windows, sliding and bi-fold doors or as a room divider, block-out panel glides maximise light coming in when open and provide darkness and privacy when pulled shut.

    Block-out panel glides

    Designed to block out any light coming through the material block-out panel glides are capable of reducing heat and creating a more even temperature indoors. To protect your furniture and flooring, the fabrics used in block-out panel glides give you privacy and protection from sun effects like fading or bleaching.
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    Translucent panel glides

    These panel glides are designed to allow light through while still providing privacy and temperature reduction. This particular panel glide is perfect for areas where you want light and privacy but no view is required.

    elegant blinds and awnings translucent panel glides

    Sunscreen panel glides

    Sunscreen panel glides are great at reducing energy consumption while providing daytime privacy with the ability to see out but those outside aren’t able to see in. However, these panel glides do not provide privacy at night when inside lights are on.

    elegant blinds and awnings translucent panel glides

    elegant blinds and awnings glass panels glides

    Panel glides are an excellent option for homes and businesses and offer a great many options for customising to suit your specific conditions. Should you need any assistance in deciding which colours and styles would work best for you, visit our showrooms in Forster and Gloucester or call our friendly team today.
    elegant blinds and awnings panels glides

    To find out more about our range of panel glides, call our expert team today on 02 6554 5322.

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