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    Reliable roller blinds in Forster

    Types of roller blinds

    • Chain controlled - The chain controlled roller blind system allows operation of the blind using a chain from either the left or right-hand side, allowing more control when operating the blind. The brackets used are colour matched to the chain giving you a beautifully modern and coordinated look.
    • Spring assist - This system is designed the same as a chain controlled system, however, it is used on a larger blind with a 45mm tube for extra strength and durability.
    • Spring loaded - A traditional roller blind/Holland blind uses a spring system. To operate the blinds, simply hold the bottom rail, ring, or tassel and pull down or up
    • Dual roller blinds day/night - Double blinds give you the flexibility to have both a block-out blind combined with a sunscreen blind or a translucent blind. Double roller blinds provide UV protection and privacy in the day and insulation and privacy at night too. This offers you the ability have both a sunscreen and block-out in the one window, affording you view, light control, and total night-time privacy within the one system.
    • Motorisation - This system has two options, allowing you to operate your roller blinds by either a remote control or a hard-wired switch. This option lets you operate your roller blinds up and down with one touch or a flick of a switch.
    • Cassette system - A cassette system has channel glides to eliminate light gaps and keep the fabric stable. It comes with a headbox, side channels, and a base bar on your roller blind.

    Features and benefits

    • Easy to use, affordable and practical
    • Block-out, translucent and sunscreen fabrics have a variety of colour, patterns, and light control to choose from
    • Durable fabrics - many of the fabrics we use are manufactured in Australia to suit local conditions. You can have confidence in knowing they will look great in your home for many years.
    • Aluminium roller tube - We use quality roller tube and componentry to provide the most up-to-date and reliable roller blind system
    • Variety of trim styles to choose from including scallops, fringes, or powder coated oval bottom rail. Create a traditional or modern style roller blind to suit your property.
    • Sleek and contemporary head box and fascia system are available
    • All our roller blinds are child safe with all cords secured

    There are three main types of roller blinds

    Roller blinds are a practical choice as they maximise the amount of light coming into your room when open, and room darkening and privacy when pulled closed.

    Block-out roller blinds

    Block-out roller blinds are designed to block out any light coming through the material and reduce heat. Block-out fabrics give you privacy and protection for your furniture and flooring from sun effects like fading or bleaching. Block-out roller blinds are ideal for bedrooms and home cinemas.
    elegant blinds and awnings blockout roller blinds

    Translucent roller blinds

    Translucent roller blinds are designed to allow light through, offer privacy, and reduce heat. This particular blind is ideal for living areas where light and privacy is desired but no view is required.

    elegant blinds and awnings translucent roller blinds

    Sunscreen roller blinds

    Are designed to reduce energy consumption and provide daytime privacy as you can see out but the outside cannot see in. They do not, however, provide privacy at night if your internal lights are on.

    elegant blinds and awnings translucent roller blinds

    elegant blinds and awnings reverse roller blinds

    Our roller blinds can be fitted two ways

    • The standard (under) roll configuration ensures the blind skin can be fitted close to the window
    • The reverse (over) roll configuration provides a modern look

    We hope this gives you a better understanding of what we can offer with our roller blinds and a bit of inspiration as to some of the options available. If you have any questions, please visit our showroom or call us today.

    elegant blinds and awnings reverse roller blinds

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