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    Locally manufactured and made-to-measure vertical drapes in Forster

    Vertical drapes are the most cost-effective blind on the market. Our locally manufactured made-to-measure vertical drapes are a great choice for controlling the direction and the amount of light coming into your home. The sleek simplicity and modern lines of vertical drapes will complement your home, rental property or office.
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    Features and benefits

    • Ease of operation
    • Economical solution for large windows, particularly sliding doors
    • Complements other blind types
    • Range of blade widths available - 63mm, 89mm, 100mm, and 127mm
    • Match your drapes with a coordinated track/pelmet, with or without fabric insert
    • Chained or chainless weight options available
    • Compliant with all child safety standards
    • Versatile tracking solution available with cord drawn or wand operation
    • Choose from centre opening, centre closing or one-way stack to enable easy access for doorways
    • Different blade finishes include chain-linked or chainless, and black or white available
    • Insert or pelmet available as an additional extra to complement your blinds
    • Variety of track colours to suit your decor
    • Can be made for sloping windows

    Choose from our extensive range of durable, low-maintenance drapes with plain and distinctive patterned fabrics available to make a fashion statement in your home. Vertical drapes can be cord or wand operated for flexibility and ease of operation.

    Elegant Blinds & Awnings offers vertical blinds in various blade widths including:

    • 63mm
    • 89mm
    • 100mm
    • 127mm

    Our vertical drape blades are sewn at the top and bottom with an optional choice to have either the weights or chains at the bottom or just have the chainless weights.

    Elegant Blinds & Awnings have been manufacturing vertical drapes for over 15 years and we offer a three-year warranty on our entire range of vertical drapes.

    One great advantage of having vertical drapes is that if you wish to update your verticals but they are still in a good working condition, you can just get replacement blades to freshen up your home at a cheaper cost.

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